Practice Lab 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL training

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Through this Practice Lab, you will get extensive experience with Transact-SQL. By performing tasks in a real SQL environment, you will improve your practical knowledge and skills of the various exam subjects. You will perform practical exercises regarding managing a database, developing a database, business intelligence, using table designs and far more.


You have extensive practical experience with Transact-SQL.


You have basic knowledge of Transact-SQL.

Target audience

Database Administrators


Practice Lab 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL

16 hours

Using Joins

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Using INNER JOIN
  • Exercise 2 - Working with LEFT OUTER JOIN
  • Exercise 3 - Using RIGHT OUTER JOIN
  • Exercise 4 - Working with FULL OUTER JOIN
  • Exercise 5 - Using SELF JOIN
  • Exercise 6 - Working with CROSS JOIN
  • Exercise 7 - Demonstrating the Method to Use More Than One JOIN with AND Operator
  • Exercise 8 - Demonstrating the Method to Compare Fields to NULL Values Using JOIN
  • Summary

Working with SET Operators

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Use EXCEPT and INTERSECT Operators to Combine Query Results
  • Exercise 2 - Use UNION Operator to Combine Results of Two SELECT Statements
  • Exercise 3 - Use ALL and Parentheses to Combine Results of Multiple SELECT Statements
  • Summary

Working with Subqueries

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Using Subqueries
  • Exercise 2 - Working with Correlated Subqueries
  • Exercise 3 - Working with Self-Contained Subqueries
  • Exercise 4 - Managing Nested Subqueries
  • Summary

Working with Built-in Functions

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Using Built-in Conversion Functions
  • Exercise 2 - Working with Built-in Logical Functions
  • Exercise 3 - Using Functions that Work with NULL
  • Summary

Modifying Data

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Inserting New Records in the Table
  • Exercise 2 - Updating and Deleting Data from the Table
  • Exercise 3 - Using OUTPUT Clause with INSERT and DELETE Statements
  • Summary

Implementing Functions

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Working with Scalar Functions
  • Exercise 2 - Using Table-Valued Functions in Transact-SQL
  • Exercise 3 - Demonstrating the Impact of Using Functions with WHERE clause on Query Performance
  • Summary

Working with Apply Operators

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Using CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY Operators
  • Summary

Implementing Error Handling

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Working with Error Handling Blocks
  • Exercise 2 - Working with THROW Statement
  • Exercise 3 - Working with RAISERROR Statement
  • Exercise 4 - Using TRY…CATCH Block in SQL Stored Procedure
  • Summary

Working with SELECT Queries

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Filter Data Based on Predicates
  • Exercise 2 - Fetch Unique Rows Using DISTINCT Clause
  • Exercise 3 - Fetch Rows from Multiple Tables Using Aliases
  • Exercise 4 - Use of TOP and OFFSET-FETCH Filters in SELECT Queries
  • Exercise 5 - Sort Query Results Using ORDER BY Clause
  • Exercise 6 - Use Simple CASE Expression with SELECT Statement
  • Summary

Working with Aggregate Data

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Using Aggregate Functions in SELECT Statement
  • Exercise 2 - Working with Mathematical and DateTime Functions
  • Exercise 3 - Working with System Functions
  • Summary

Working with Non-relational Data

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Working with JSON Functions and Clauses
  • Exercise 2 - Working with FOR XML Queries
  • Summary

Working with Stored Procedures and Views

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Working with Stored Procedures
  • Exercise 2 - Working with Views
  • Summary

Working with Temporal Table

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Working with System-Versioned Temporal Tables
  • Exercise 2 - Querying Data in System-Versioned Temporal Tables
  • Summary

Grouping and Pivoting Data

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Working with GROUP BY Clause
  • Exercise 2 - Using HAVING Clause with GROUP BY
  • Exercise 3 - Demonstrating the Use of Ranking Functions
  • Exercise 4 - Using PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators
  • Summary

Working with Table Expressions

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Working with Common Table Expression (CTE)
  • Exercise 2 - Using CTE with AVG Function
  • Exercise 3 - Working with Recursive CTE
  • Summary

Working with Data Types and Null Values

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 1 - Comparing Two Values with Different Data Types
  • Exercise 2 - Working with COUNT Function on Columns with NULL Values
  • Exercise 3 - Working with AVG Function on Columns with NULL Values
  • Summary

Course options

We offer several optional training products to enhance your learning experience. If you are planning to use our training course in preperation for an official exam then whe highly recommend using these optional training products to ensure an optimal learning experience. Sometimes there is only a practice exam or/and practice lab available.

Optional practice exam (trial exam)

To supplement this training course you may add a special practice exam. This practice exam comprises a number of trial exams which are very similar to the real exam, both in terms of form and content. This is the ultimate way to test whether you are ready for the exam. 

Optional practice lab

To supplement this training course you may add a special practice lab. You perform the tasks on real hardware and/or software applicable to your Lab. The labs are fully hosted in our cloud. The only thing you need to use our practice labs is a web browser. In the LiveLab environment you will find exercises which you can start immediatelyThe lab enviromentconsist of complete networks containing for example, clients, servers,etc. This is the ultimate way to gain extensive hands-on experience. 


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