Course: Software Testing with Visual Studio (exam 70-497)

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In this software testing training course you will learn how to use the functions of Visual studio for testing software.

You will also learn to make test plans, hands on and automatic tests and techniques for managing the test process.

Among subjects that covered are Visual Studio, cloning test plans, test configuration manager, test suites, testing requirements, test steps, rapports, to deal with bugs, lab center, out-of-the-box reports, bulk updates in Excel and far more.


After completing this course you are familiar with testing software with Visual Studio.
Note: This exam is retiring on December 31, 2018


You have 1 year experience with software testing.

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Software Testing with Visual Studio (exam 70-497)

9 hours

Software Testing with Visual Studio: Create and Configure Test Plans

  • start the course
  • define general concepts of software testing with Visual Studio 2012
  • create a new test plan in the Testing Center
  • select test settings and configurations
  • create a new standard environment using the Test Controller Configuration Tool and verify it
  • select and compare an available build and assign it to the plan
  • create a clone of your test plan
  • create a new test setting and select the set of roles that you want to use
  • configure and define data and diagnostics options of each role
  • recognize how to select different test settings based on your run
  • specify why you need different configurations
  • manage your configurations in the Test Configuration Manager
  • create a new configuration variable and assign allowed values to that variable
  • recognize how and when to set the configuration state as active or inactive
  • recognize how to add default configurations for new test cases
  • recognize how to delete test configurations and change the state of a test configuration to inactive
  • describe the different types of test suites and test suite operations
  • create a query-based test suite
  • create a requirement-based test suite
  • create a static test suite
  • perform a copy of a test suite
  • create a query-based test suite using hierarchical queries
  • configure a clone of a test suite from the command line
  • manage your test suites through a web browser
  • recognize the assigned to field for test cases
  • select multiple test configurations for a particular test case
  • apply a specific order to list and run your test cases
  • understand the basic concepts of creating, configuring, and managing test plans and suites

Software Testing with Visual Studio: Manage Test Cases

  • start the course
  • design test cases that have clear and measurable steps
  • select a test case title, area, iteration, state, priority, assign to, and automation status
  • apply attachments and links to your test case
  • apply a description and the history to your test case
  • apply testing requirements
  • recognize how a test case workflow works with associated automation
  • use a grid view to bulk author test cases
  • add and remove parameters and data to and from actions or expected results
  • apply highlighted repeatable test actions using fast forward for manual testing
  • apply clear, effective expected results of a test step action
  • attach a document or screenshot to a test step
  • recognize the need to parameterize in order to manage test case iterations
  • recognize the actions involved in inserting a parameter variable
  • recognize the actions involved in renaming parameters values
  • identify the characteristics and need of shared steps
  • recognize the actions involved to create shared steps
  • design shared steps that can be reused effectively across different test cases
  • recognize the actions involved in creating action recording for your shared steps
  • define the steps involved in reviewing requirement
  • define the steps involved in verifying requirements
  • define the steps involved in verifying all accounted requirements
  • understand the creation, configuration and management requirements of test cases

Software Testing with Visual Studio: Manage Test Execution Part 1

  • start the course
  • describe the importance and idea behind fast forwarding test cases
  • perform the steps to run a test with options
  • indicate and set the state of your test run as Pass, Fail, Pause, Blocked, or Not applicable
  • add comments and snapshots when validating expected results
  • perform the steps to run test from your browser
  • perform the steps to update the status of multiple test cases without opening them in the test runner
  • customize, pause, and resume test results fields in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM)/web browser
  • recognize actions involved of inline editing of tests during test execution
  • manually test Windows Store apps and review action logs
  • perform exploratory testing in MTM in order to provide quick feedback
  • perform requirement-based exploratory testing of a work item
  • perform the process of generating a test case from test
  • perform the process of generating bugs in exploratory testing
  • recognize the steps involved to add a screen shot while performing exploratory testing
  • recognize the steps involved to add videos and audio recording during exploratory testing
  • track bug metrics, trends, and status
  • verify bugs by creating tests from bugs
  • analyze bug reports
  • manage bug flow
  • understand test execution through test runs, exploratory testing, and bug management

Software Testing with Visual Studio: Manage Test Execution Part 2

  • start the course
  • create new environments in Lab Center
  • create copies of environments in Lab Center
  • run tests on remote environments in Lab Center
  • execute test cases in a lab environment
  • perform the steps to select the build in use
  • compare the current build to a previous build
  • perform the steps to view your recommended tests
  • perform the steps to analyze your work items
  • analyze reports
  • view your test plan results in MTM
  • analyze test suites
  • perform an analysis that identifies areas with low quality
  • identify the status of your test plan
  • work with out-of-the-box reports
  • customize out-of-the-box reports
  • validate work item requirements
  • manage work item relationships
  • perform the steps to create work item queries
  • perform bulk updates in Microsoft Excel
  • understand test execution through lab center environments

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