Course: Defensive Programming in JavaScript and HTML5

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In this Javascript and HTML5 training course you will learn the basic principles of defensive programming in Javascript and HTML5. For example, you will learn more about input validation, the correct use of variables and statements. Later in the course you will also learn more about JavaScript Object Notation and how to secure this the best.

Among the topics covered are the escape function, web storage, test editable code, defensible methods, variable declarations, error-handling, Document Object Model, Cross-Site Scripting XSS, scalable vector graphics, and far more.


After completing this training course you are familiar with defensive programming in JavaScript and HTML5.


To complete this course it is recommended that you have some experience in the field of programming.

Target audience

Software Developer, Web Developer


Defensive Programming in JavaScript and HTML5

4 hours

Defensive Coding Fundamentals for JavaScript and HTML5

  • start the course
  • describe the potential risks faced by software applications
  • identify the key reasons why risks are a recurring issue
  • recognize the key features of defensive coding
  • list some key approaches to preventing problems during the planning stage
  • recognize the correct way to use, or not use, the escape function
  • identify the key features of a strong Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Policy
  • use event handlers to account for and prevent untrusted data
  • utilize secure Web storage in JavaScript and HTML5
  • utilize secure web messaging in JavaScript and HTML5
  • identify the key features and benefits of testing
  • describe the benefits of testing your code for multiple browsers
  • recognize how to write testable code in JavaScript and HTML5
  • recognize how to perform tests using Visual Studio for JavaScript and HTML5
  • create examples of defensible methods in JavaScript and HTML5
  • identify the techniques for applying defensive techniques for method parameters and return values in JavaScript and HTML5 methods
  • recognize how to implement variable declarations for defendable code
  • identify how to use null values in creating defendable code
  • identify how to use if and switch statements in creating defendable code
  • identify error-handling techniques to promote defensive coding
  • demonstrate how to use exceptions to handle errors
  • create a JavaScript and HTML5 application that incorporates error codes and messages into its error handling
  • recognize how to use error processing and global objects
  • identify how to handle errors locally in JavaScript and HTML5 code
  • recognize how to anticipate potential errors in JavaScript and HTML5 code
  • use defensive coding techniques to create clean testable methods

Defensive Coding for JavaScript and HTML5

  • start the course
  • list potential Document Object Model or DOM risks to JavaScript and HTML5 applications
  • describe the risks associated with cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery
  • identify what Document Object Model or DOM-based Cross-Site Scripting or XSS is and illustrate the form an attack might take in JavaScript
  • describe what social jacking is and identify what things users need to be on the lookout for
  • list potential information and trust issues that would affect JavaScript and HTML5 applications
  • demonstrate how to prevent Document Object Model or DOM manipulation in JavaScript
  • describe common risks associated with third-party application program interfaces or APIs
  • demonstrate how to prevent page manipulation in JavaScript through cascading style sheets or CSS
  • identify the best practices for dealing with client input in a JavaScript HTML5 application
  • troubleshoot potential risks associated with browser plugins
  • demonstrate how to counteract risks by running JavaScript in a sandbox
  • compare Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG exploits and how to use JavaScript to prevent them
  • describe how to secure JavaScript code in your applications
  • describe the key features of JavaScript Object Notation
  • list the key risks of using JavaScript Object Notation
  • perform input validation on JavaScript Object Notation or JSON data
  • use the eval method to convert JavaScript Object Notation or JSON data into a JavaScript object
  • describe how to implement a cross-origin resource sharing policy in HTML5
  • demonstrate the most secure ways to include media in HTML5 pages
  • describe secure practices for using HTML5 Web Workers
  • distinguish some of the key ways to secure HTML5 applications
  • use defensive coding techniques to create a secure JavaScript and HTML5 Application

Course options

We offer several optional training products to enhance your learning experience. If you are planning to use our training course in preperation for an official exam then whe highly recommend using these optional training products to ensure an optimal learning experience. Sometimes there is only a practice exam or/and practice lab available.

Optional practice exam (trial exam)

To supplement this training course you may add a special practice exam. This practice exam comprises a number of trial exams which are very similar to the real exam, both in terms of form and content. This is the ultimate way to test whether you are ready for the exam. 

Optional practice lab

To supplement this training course you may add a special practice lab. You perform the tasks on real hardware and/or software applicable to your Lab. The labs are fully hosted in our cloud. The only thing you need to use our practice labs is a web browser. In the LiveLab environment you will find exercises which you can start immediatelyThe lab enviromentconsist of complete networks containing for example, clients, servers,etc. This is the ultimate way to gain extensive hands-on experience. 


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