For organizations

For organizations

OnlineITcourses.com has helped hundreds of organizations with the ongoing development of their IT expertise. Because we invest continuously in our education platform, knowledge management tools, progress reporting, customer service and course catalog we are the number 1 partner for organizations. Our award winning e-learning and service even beats prices of traditional classroom providers by 80 percent.

Up to 5 times more ROI on you education budget

Via OnlineITcourses.com your organization can save up to 80% on training compared to regular training providers. Does this mean you can expect less? Absolutely not. This is included in all our training courses:

  • High end technical support
  • Chat and mail with certified instructors
  • Access to our IT pro community
  • Best e-learning platform around
  • Certification focused courses
  • Extensive in depth progress reporting
  • Actual practice via Labs & practice exams

Build for organizations

Our learning platform and services are build with organization needs in mind. We provide high-end service and essentials tools like progress monitoring for every management level, centralized purchasing, student management and study advice.

Award winning e-learning

You want the best of the best e-learning and that is what you and your students will get. Our elearning has won numerous awards over the years. We together with our partners are continuously improving our courses and services to assure you achieve maximum results.

Our approach to elearning is unique in that we combine interactive video courses with actual hands-on experience through virtual labs, specific exam training and access to world class instructors. All to make sure that your professionals are well equipped to put their new knowledge into practice.

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Largest IT catalog

We have the largest online IT training catalog around. Your professionals can choose from 800+ courses, virtual labs and practice exams so there is always something new to learn. Additional benefit: we are your one stop shop for online IT training.

Curious about our catalog?

Top notch user experience

Our learning platform is designed with optimum user experience in mind. We make sure that it is self explanatory and that you are easily able to find the information you want and have your students learning in no time.

110% customer satisfaction

We want to be the absolute best in what we do. Therefore our aim is not merely 100% customer satisfaction but at least 110%. We make sure we always go the extra mile to help you and your team achieve and exceed the results you expect. Simply service as it should be.

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Life Long Learning

Geen losse trainingen volgen maar uw IT professionals onbeperkt laten leren voor een vast bedrag per maand?