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Privacy statement

OnlineITcourses is an online knowledge community and training platform. These privacy rules apply to the website of ( Our website may contain hyperlinks to other websites which are not exploited or managed by ('websites of third parties'). These rules only apply to the websites which are exploited and managed by is not responsible for the content or privacy standards of the websites of third parties.

1. Anonymous access by visitors

You may obtain access to the homepage of our website and may peruse our site without having to reveal your personal details.

2. The use of cookies

2.1 What are cookies?

We use cookies on this website. A cookie is a small and simple file sent with the pages of this website and which is stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer.

2.2 What do we use cookies for? uses cookies which are necessary for our website to work correctly (for example to remember which training course you have added to your shopping cart). We do not use cookies to store any personal details. We also do not use cookies for any advertising purposes (we do not display any advertisements). Any non-personal information stored in cookies is not linked to the personal details of specific individuals. The following cookies are used by us:

  • Webshop cookie
    This cookie is used to ensure that our web shop functionality operates correctly. Among others this remembers which training courses you have placed in your shopping cart.
  • Cookies for logging in
    This cookie ensures that you remain logged in to our site. If you wish you may always log out, at which point this cookie is removed.
  • Performance cookie
    A technical cookie which improves the speed of the website for you.
  • Google Analytics cookie
    We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics about our website visitors. This may include the number of visitors, which pages were visited and similar. This information cannot be linked back to an individual. We only use the information to ensure that our website continues to perform optimally, and to ensure that the website contains the right information for our visitors and users.
  • Partner cookie works together with a limited number of partner websites on which the course catalog is displayed. If you arrive at our website as a visitor through a link on the website of one of our partners, then a cookie is placed. This cookie only contains the information enabling us to determine the partner site through which you reached us (the ID of the partner).

2.3 EU cookies legislation

From 06-08-2012 new legislation came into force in the EU. In global terms, this divides the use of cookies into two categories:

  • Necessary for the site's correct technical operation
  • Cookies needed for the site's correct technical operation. No personal details are stored in these cookies, and the stored details cannot be linked to an individual. These cookies may be placed without the explicit permission of the website visitor.
  • Cookies which are not necessary
  • All other cookies which are not directly required for the website's technical operation. This might include cookies making it possible to display advertisements specifically targeted at you. Cookies which make it possible to collect (anonymous) statistical details about website visitors also fall within this category. For this type of cookie, a website must ask for specific permission from its visitors. generally only uses cookies from the first category, with the only exception being the Google Analytics cookie making it possible for us to collect anonymous statistics on the visitors to our website.

3. The collection and use of details you have provided

When you request information about our products and services from the website of, and/or when you purchase a training course, you are asked to provide personal details. For example you need to register with us to gain access to information which is restricted to members.

When you register, will ask you to enter your name and contact details. You will then be sent a username and a password, with which you can log in on future visits to our website. may decide to use your account details and transaction history for generating reports and statistical overviews intended to further improve our service provision for our clients. This information is only used internally and will never be passed on to any external party. Offering products and/or services by telephone, normal post or e-mail will only occur if you have explicitly registered for our newsletter.

We do not collect any information about our visitors from other sources, such as public archives, public bodies or private institutions.
We will not collect or use your personal details for purposes other than those named in this privacy declaration.

4. Privacy of online member profiles

You may set the privacy settings of your online profile with yourself. You can change these settings from your profile through Profile > Privacy. By default your profile can only be seen by other members of and privacy-sensitive contact details are not shown. is not responsible for any consequences should you as a user modify these privacy settings such that more information is publicly accessible.

5. Disclosure and data protection

We will not provide your personal details to other organizations.

6. Confidentiality/security

We offer visitors to our website the option of using a secure transmission method (SSL) for sending us their personal details. In terms of security, we have drawn up policy lines and rules and have implemented technical measures to protect the personal details we manage against:

  • access by unauthorized parties
  • incorrect use or disclosure
  • amendment without permission
  • improper destruction or unintended loss

All our employees and data processors who have access to personal details and who are involved in the processing of personal details, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of the personal details of our website visitors.

We guarantee that your personal details will not be disclosed to government services and institutions, unless this is required by law or other provisions.

7. Access to your personal details

You may ask us by e-mail whether we have stored any of your personal details and if so, what. We will reply to your e-mailed request within a week with a readable copy of the personal details we have stored for you, although we may first ask for proof of identity. You have the right to object to the details we have stored for you and if necessary with regard to these details you may ask us to:

  • delete them
  • correct or amend them
  • augment them

8. Compliance with privacy legislation complies with the Personal Data Protection Act.

9. Questions relating to privacy

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact:

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