Course: Delivering Continuous Value with Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (exam 70-498)

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In this online Visual Studio course you will learn how to make use of the Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management. You will learn to optimize cycle times, how you can improve the quality, how to get less waste, but overall the most important part is delivering continue improvement of the development process. Furthermore you will get a deepdive into the integration of Application Lifecycle Management with Agile and Waterfall methods and the implementation of the Microsoft Solution Framework to improve the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) process. You will learn techniques and practices of software iteration supported by the tools of Visual Studio, with use of dynamic project development plans.

Among topics this course cover are test techniques, DevOps, IntelliTrace, VS/TFS , UI storyboarding and far more.


After successful completion you are familiar with Software Application Development Lifecycle, Application Lifecycle Management and you are fully prepared for the Microsoft 70-498 exam. This exam is part of the MCSD App Builder.
Note: This exam is retiring on December 31, 2018


It is a plus when you have working experience with Windows Server, Active Directory and system recovery.

Target audience

Software Developer, Tester


Delivering Continuous Value with Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (exam 70-498)

14 hours

Defining Effective End-to-end SDLC Practices

  • start the course
  • describe the examination and path, and the skill requirements
  • to take the examination
  • describe DevOps and Microsoft ALM solutions within the context
  • of the SDLC and the examination
  • describe the Visual Studio IDE
  • work with the Visual Studio IDE Interface
  • describe how observable problems might be indicative of more
  • general system-wide issues
  • discuss the optimization of the ALM process and the recognition
  • of potential barriers to efficient development and delivery
  • define the importance of fast feedback as it relates to
  • communicating requirements
  • describe the benefits of end customer feedback to early
  • software iterations within the SDLC
  • work with PowerPoint Storyboarding
  • work with the Visual Studio Feedback Service
  • outline the process of bottleneck identification and associated
  • metrics
  • describe the implementation of effective solutions that can be
  • validated
  • describe the relationship between work-in-process and cycle
  • time
  • describe defect identification
  • outline the end-to-end quality process
  • describe quality positioning with the ALM process
  • identify wasteful activity
  • describe waste elimination
  • outline change management strategy
  • describe techniques used to measure improvement
  • detail key aspects of the Visual Studio ALM process

Define the ALM Process

  • start the course
  • describe the key components of ALM processes
  • initiate a project in Visual Studio
  • describe Scrum organization and components
  • outline Scrum team roles and responsibilities
  • work with Teams in Visual Studio
  • work with Team Administrative Tools in Visual Studio
  • describe Sprint planning
  • describe Scrum events
  • describe various aspects in relation to management of sprints
  • within the scrum process (Part 1)
  • describe various aspects in relation to management of sprints
  • within the scrum process (Part 2)
  • describe scrum artifacts: feature and backlog management
  • work with product backlog items
  • work with product backlog Items to Feature mapping
  • work with backlog settings
  • describe sprint iterations
  • work with sprints in Visual studio
  • work with sprints in Visual studio
  • obtain a grounding in capacity configuration
  • configure Sprint Item tasks
  • develop an appreciation for the Capacity settings
  • outline scope-driven and data-driven project drivers
  • work with change and issue control within the development
  • environment
  • work with Issues within a CMMI process/project
  • work with Change within a CMMI process/project
  • work with Risk within a CMMI process/project
  • detail components of the ALM process: Scrum and CMMI

Develop Customer Quality with High Value

  • start the course
  • establish code review practices based on performance and
  • security analysis
  • work with the code review component
  • describe the code coverage process
  • describe common code defects
  • describe the establishment of unit test standards
  • work with Unit Testing
  • describe Code coverage within VS/TFS
  • describe Unit Testing for external frameworks
  • work with Unit Testing for external frameworks
  • work with coding standards and maintainable code
  • describe configuration management and appropriate tooling
  • work with TFVC
  • define test candidates selection and work with test plans and
  • artifacts
  • develop test plans
  • describe testing tools and types
  • describe test types
  • describe test types
  • execute tests in VB/TFS
  • analyze test results
  • track test results
  • describe the project (process) templates
  • describe Template and Work Item Customization
  • customize process templates and work items
  • describe roles, authority, and permissions
  • work with Groups, Users, Permissions, and Security
  • define quality and value within the development process

Define End Value for Software Iterations

  • start the course
  • establish and work with a flexibility matrix and manage
  • priority items and release criteria
  • outline planning and resource allocation
  • work with the Capacity Planning tool
  • work with geographically distributed development teams and team
  • members
  • describe how risk might be managed with the Agile process
  • detail available project planning and management tools
  • describe Development using Team Services
  • describe how MS Project fits into the development effort
  • identify and select planning and management tools and
  • associated processes
  • work with velocity and forecasting within a scrum project
  • determine how to project status
  • work with Product backlog Prioritization
  • work with scope definition
  • outline techniques to develop an architectural model of a
  • project or item
  • work with architectural design tools
  • define requirements-gathering methods and documentation of
  • same
  • define requirements characteristics and associated data, and
  • describe requirement breakdown including Tasks
  • work with Visual Studio Product Backlog and document
  • requirements
  • map effort and define project requirements
  • analyze requirements with a view to breaking down larger
  • requirements into smaller or self-contained requirements
  • elements
  • define the Requirements Baseline based on analysis and break
  • requirements down into Tasks
  • outline the practices of requirements documentation
  • work with Product Backlog item data
  • work with UI storyboarding
  • analyze and manage requirements
  • define sprint iterations and adding end-to-end value

Integrate Development and Operations (DevOps)

  • start the course
  • work with DevOps support tools
  • describe test workflow and environments
  • describe testing environments
  • work with Test Manager
  • create test environments
  • use visual studio to create a cloud-based load test
  • describe Build settings
  • describe diagnostics and available tools
  • work with diagnostic tools and logs
  • describe integration tools
  • give an overview of System Center components with reference to
  • DevOps
  • describe troubleshooting
  • describe defect management and IntelliTrace
  • describe the IntelliTrace tool
  • outline IntelliTrace files and function
  • configure IntelliTrace
  • work with IntelliTrace
  • describe testing and integration within a DevOps
  • environment

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