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In this online Cisco CCNA Security training course you prepare yourself for the official Cisco 210-260 IINS exam. You will learn about the most common security concepts, and deploy basic security techniques utilizing a variety of popular security appliances within a "real-life" network infrastructure. It focuses on security principles and technologies, using Cisco security products to provide hands-on examples.

With the Cisco CCNA Security certificate indicates that you meet the basic requirements for securing a Cisco network. In today's world of open communication and integration with other networks and services security is one of the top priorities.


You are indepently able to secure Cisco networks and protect it from attacks from outside. You are also prepared for Cisco exam 210-260.


You have completed one of the following training courses or equal knowledge:

  • Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1
  • CCNA Routing and Switching

Target audience

Network Administrator

CCNA Security 2018 - Implementing Cisco Network Security (exam 210-260)

48 hours

IINS 3.0: Introduction to Cisco Security

Course_Description=<p>Security is critical when it comes to maintaining networks. Explore Cisco network security and the concepts of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:45

IINS 3.0: SIEM Technology and Security Terminology

Course_Description=<p>Security is at the forefront of Cisco's networking. Explore the security information and event management (SIEM) tools and some common security terminology.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:13

IINS 3.0: Introduction to Network Attacks

Course_Description=<p>Detecting and preventing network attacks is a key component to network security. Explore common network attacks and how to categorize and identify them.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:05

IINS 3.0: Specific Network Attacks

Course_Description=<p>Examine in more detail some specific network attacks and how to categorize and identify them.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:35

IINS 3.0: Malware and Data Loss

Course_Description=<p>Explore common security threats like malware and some of the ways in which data loss can occur.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:10

IINS 3.0: Encryption Methods

Course_Description=<p>Protecting communications and maintaining privacy and integrity is a necessary part of networking. Examine how encryption works and why it should be used.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:56

IINS 3.0: Cryptographic Key Exchange

Course_Description=<p>For two devices to communicate securely they must have a common key. Explore how keys can be shared and how communications can be encrypted and verified using digital signatures.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:01

IINS 3.0: Network Topologies

Course_Description=<p>The topology of a network affects how and where it needs to be secured. Discover how the topology affects protecting the network and how different topologies require different security requirements.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:12

IINS 3.0: Secure Device Management

Course_Description=<p>Using separate access methods for regular communication versus security and management can increase security. Examine the use of in-band and out-of-band management.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:30

IINS 3.0: Auto Secure

Course_Description=<p>Explore the use and configuration of the AutoSecure feature and verify it is protecting the device.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:48

IINS 3.0: Management Plane Access

Course_Description=<p>Securing access to the management plane can be done with AutoSecure, but sometimes you need to do it manually or have more control. Explore how to secure the management plane from the CLI.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:55

IINS 3.0: Simple Network Management Protocol

Course_Description=<p>The Simple Network Management Protocol can be used to manage and configure your network devices. Explore how to configure, secure, and use SNMPv3.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:35

IINS 3.0: Network Time Protocol

Course_Description=<p>Accurate time on devices is necessary for security. Explore the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and how it can be configured and used to synchronize time between devices.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:49

IINS 3.0: SCP and AAA Technologies

Course_Description=<p>Secure file transfers and configuring authentication, authorization, and accounting features are required to have a secure system. Explore the Secure Copy tool for file transfers and the AAA configuration of Cisco devices.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:01


Course_Description=<p>Remote authentication simplifies securing access over a larger network. Explore using TACACS+ for remote access control over network devices.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:53

IINS 3.0: Network Access Control

Course_Description=<p>Explore integrating Cisco devices with Active Directory and securing access using ISE and ACS.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:02

IINS 3.0: Port Based Access Control, BYOD, and MDM

Course_Description=<p>Explore how to secure ports using 802.1x authentication and discover the tools available to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile device management (MDM).</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:59

IINS 3.0: IPsec and VPN

Course_Description=<p>Explore IPsec, its components, and what is involved with Phase 1 (SA) and Phase 2 (encryption).</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:58

IINS 3.0: Clientless SSL VPN &amp;amp; ASDM

Course_Description=<p>Discover how to implement a remote access VPN using a clientless SSL VPN on a Cisco ASA, configure the VPN through the ASA Device Manager (ASDM), and verify its implementation.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:39

IINS 3.0: AnyConnect VPN Using ASDM

Course_Description=<p>Explore the process of using ASDM to configure client-based AnyConnect VPN on a Cisco ASA firewall. Discover the challenges of this configuration, how to reconfigure and verify it, and the components of endpoint posture assessments.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:09

IINS 3.0: IPSec Site-to-Site VPN

Course_Description=<p>Explore the basics of creating an IPsec site-to-site VPN and how to configure both sides of the router. Scenarios that may cause the tunnel to not build are also discussed.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:01

IINS 3.0: Secure CLI Access

Course_Description=<p>Explore the basics of securing router access, including how to secure the CLI using multiple privilege levels and configure role-based access. Discover how to add users with varying privilege levels for control.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:33

IINS 3.0: OSPF and EIGRP Authentication

Course_Description=<p>Discover how to configure OSPF and EIGRP authentication using MD5. Explore authentication configuration goals and prerequisites, routing protocol vulnerabilities, and security.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:04

IINS 3.0: Attack Mitigation

Course_Description=<p>A security professional must be able to identify common Layer 2 attacks. Explore these common Layer 2 attacks and how to mitigate them.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:30

IINS 3.0: Control Plane Policing

Course_Description=<p>Explore the concept of control plane policing, examine the security risks when CoPP isn't configured, and configure and verify CoPP configuration on a router. </p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:28

IINS 3.0: PVLANs and VLAN Security

Course_Description=<p>Examine when to use private VLANs, how to configure them, and how to verify the configuration. Discover native VLAN security issues, its purpose, and how to configure it on a switch.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:03

IINS 3.0: Firewall Technology

Course_Description=<p>Examine the differences between various Cisco firewall technologies, such Cisco ASA, NAT, and zone-based firewalls.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:37

IINS 3.0: Network Address Translation

Course_Description=<p>Explore how to set up policy-based NAT on a Cisco ASA, ASDM configuration details, and how to verify the configuration.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:51

IINS 3.0: Zone-Based Firewall Configuration

Course_Description=<p>Explore the use of zone-based firewall on a Cisco router, why to use zones, using zone pairs, and how to configure zone-based firewall. The concept and configuration of self zones is also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:45

IINS 3.0: ASA Security and Policies

Course_Description=<p>Explore Cisco ASA access management, including how to configure access using Telnet, SSH, ad HTTPs and how to set up ASDM. Configuring dynamic NAT and security access policies is also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:25

IINS 3.0: Firewall Features

Course_Description=<p>Examine some of the different features that can be configured on a Cisco firewall, how to navigate around the Cisco ASA, and show where configurable elements are found.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:34

IINS 3.0: IPS Deployment Configuration

Course_Description=<p>Examine IPS deployment considerations, including the purpose of the IPS, deployment placement, basic functions, and IPS usage results. Using the Cisco FMC to show the configuration of an intrusion policy is also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:08

IINS 3.0: Configuring Cisco IPS

Course_Description=<p>Explore how to configure the Cisco IOS IPS from the CLI interface and all the IPS technologies involved in configuring it.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:55

IINS 3.0: Threat Mitigation for Email, Web, and Endpoints

Course_Description=<p>Discover how to mitigate threats for email, web, and endpoints using technologies such as Cisco Email Cloud Security, Cisco ESA, Cisco Cloud Web Security, Cisco WSA, Cisco ISE, and Cisco AMP for Endpoints.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:16

We offer several optional training products to enhance your learning experience. If you are planning to use our training course in preperation for an official exam then whe highly recommend using these optional training products to ensure an optimal learning experience. Sometimes there is only a practice exam or/and practice lab available.

Optional practice exam (trial exam)

To supplement this training course you may add a special practice exam. This practice exam comprises a number of trial exams which are very similar to the real exam, both in terms of form and content. This is the ultimate way to test whether you are ready for the exam. 

Optional practice lab

To supplement this training course you may add a special practice lab. You perform the tasks on real hardware and/or software applicable to your Lab. The labs are fully hosted in our cloud. The only thing you need to use our practice labs is a web browser. In the LiveLab environment you will find exercises which you can start immediatelyThe lab enviromentconsist of complete networks containing for example, clients, servers,etc. This is the ultimate way to gain extensive hands-on experience. 


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